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  1. How can you quickly cleanse your body of THC - Wiki Answers ( se_your_body_of_THC) There is no miracle remedy that will clean marijuana from your system overnight. The only way to cleanse your system is to stop smoking until your body flushes
  2. How to drop clean - Squidoo ( Me and a few buddies of mine have used this technique to drop clean for job many times in the past, and its guaranteed to get THC out of your system, if you
  3. How Long Does It Take To Flush The Body Out From Marijuana Use ( w-Long-Does-It-Take-To-Flush-The-Body-Out-From-Mari juana-Use-A-Few-Daysa-Monthhow-Long/751459) Feb 29, 2012 30 days, the THC is stored in fat cells, if your Body Mass Index is high it a test is to not smoke pot or carry some clean **** with you if you do.
  4. How can i get thc out my system fast? - 420 Magazine ( 52663-how-can-i-get-thc-out-my-system-fast.html) It is strong diuretic and will cleanse the system but it is VERY, VERY hard on the body. It is not good for you at all and it has not been tested by
  5. How to Get Pot Out of Your System: 8 Steps - wikiHow ( How long THC can be detected in your system depends on a number of in the evening and one the next morning to increases your chances of testing clean.
  6. Tips for getting marijuana out of system. - Pass A Drug Testing for All ( marijuana-system-a-8.html) Jun 4, 2006 Marijuana (THC,weed,pot) is the drug that is more likely to stay in your cleanse THC, flush THC fast, flush your system from marijuana, getting
  7. How to Detox Marijuana from Your Body | THE WEED BUSINESS ( rom-your-body/) Jan 14, 2010 To start cleansing marijuana from your body, you must stop smoking weed. This might be harder than it sounds for long term users. For the best
  8. Does niacin cleanse the body of THC? | Medical Questions & Answers ( niacin-cleanse-the-body-of-thc.html) Drug Testing and Niacin August 23, 2007 1:36 PM Subscribe. drug testing filter: does niacin really clean out all the THC in your body? What is the effect of taking.
  9. Top Ten Ways To Detox Weed Naturally | How to Stop Smoking ( naturally/) Mar 29, 2013 When it comes to naturally cleansing your body some of the best ways to detox for weed are actually quite simple and easy to do.
  10. Flush THC from your body ( Jan 7, 2012 It's important to cleanse your body and make sure that you're able to get The Total Critical THC Cleaning Package is a fast acting product set
  11. What THC body cleanse methods do you recommend? | DanceSafe ( -cleanse-methods-do-you-recommend) What THC body cleanse methods do you recommend? We do not recommend any commercial cleansing regimen. We do recommend checking out what
  12. I want to cleanse my system... FAST | ( my-system-fast.215913/) Nov 14, 2007 OK. so i am a pilot and yes... i love weed... pilots are required to take physicals every couple of years to maintain I want to cleanse my system.
  13. Cleaning out your body of THC or Other Pot Signs? - Apprentice ( -cleaning-out-your-body-thc-other-pot-signs.html) Dec 24, 2009 Where would I find the list of food or drugs that I can mix and take, In order to help clean out my system in case I need to have a drug test or
  14. Natural THC Detox diet, Tips and Advice ( ana/) Apr 23, 2013 When it comes to naturally cleansing your body some of the best ways to detox for weed are actually quite simple and easy to do. THC which is
  15. Clean out body of THC - Physical and Mental Well-Being - Shroomery ( /15698596) Jan 21, 2012 I have been a regular marijuana user for the past 5 years or so. Smoking everyday allday. I need to clean out my system for future plans and am
  16. Pass Your Drug Test - GUARANTEED! ( Most people just call this THC, but this is confusing: your body will change of our Permanent solutions were designed to permanently cleanse your system of
  17. Can you really "cleanse" your body of THC before taking a urine ( 71215053236AAwg5m8) When in doubt, drink water. Lots of it. When you're done, drink more water. After that, drink more water. Remember: Dilution is the solution to pollution
  18. How to detox from THC for a Urine Test? - Drugs Forum ( %3D91523) If not, then what would be the best way to get the THC out of body in 1 week Have a friend who's clean(never used drugs or in abstinence for
  19. How To Cleanse The Body From Thc | LIVESTRONG.COM ( anse-the-body-from-thc/) Mar 18, 2011 How To Cleanse the Body From THC. The National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws reports, quotmarijuana is the third most popular
  20. Whats the Fastest way to clean out your system of THC? - Roll It Up ( stest-way-clean-out.html) Yo Riu! I have a court date coming up and Im afraid that im gonna be put on probation, and am gonna have to take 1 or several drug tests.

  21. Comments about this video:
    Man u sound like a punk ass man ur white man so stop acting like a baller in ur one room atp don't act black cuz it just maked u look stupid. sayy bro do it have too have dahh same blue top like the b-12 or can it be any color top...and the certo that i got it got fruits all over it is that the same...???Dude, This shit actually fucking works. I was a little skeptical, Did a home test man, It fucking works. Absoloutly works. You my friend, are a fucking god send. I am writing this concoction down, and keeping it in safe keeping. This is a Job and Jail time saver. And a motha fuckin money MAKER. Fuck the haters.
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    It don't work i tried it. all it does is thicken up your gatorade and make's it impossible to drink. basically it turns it into jellow.
    This method really works! I passed mine using this. Smoked the same day. You need to chug the Gatorade and fill the bottle 2 times with water and drink both. Piss 2 times atleast then the next time take ur pee in the cup.
    at first I thought for some reason you were going to piss me off but can't judge a book by its cover haha you crack me up. thanks man.

    so would this not just dilute and then recolor your urine? because the probation i was on they used to test for dillution levels and see if you just chugged shit to get it water.

    This really works. It worked for a couple of my older cousins who then told me about it. Ive used it a few times for drug tests for jobs and passed every time. I didnt use the b-12 though so my piss was on the clear side but they still accepted it... My bro has used it too and passed as well.
    i only had do piss test once in my hole life ive newver ewven been aressted for nothin i guess im the only stoner who is smart and never been aressted n only works at restruants lol. or u just move colorado get residence get red card n never get piss tested as long as u work at dennys n shit like that lol. I see me parole officer on tuesday, I have about a day and a half to get clean. Do yall recommend this?alright, I'm going to try this for a job, not probation but I WAS informed that they will be watching me from behind. I dont think that they will give a shit if my piss is clear. I'll just tell them all I drink IS water. But quick question...does it work with xanax? I'm not a huge user but I've been stressed out and have been using it on and off for about a week. let me know someone.
    You can only piss clear in the military cuz they make you drink water all the time. Everyone else will say your urine is too diluted... & either auto-flunk you or just make you go again at another date.

    I used this same procedure 15 years ago and it definitely works. I started about 2 hours before arriving on job site and believe me, if you drink the certo/gatorade and as much water you can possibly drink then you will whiz every 5 minutes. Only thing I didn't do was the B-12 but sounds like a great idea too.
    you are so sexy mmmm you want some chocolate with that drink mmmm OH is where you can find me, I think I'm in love...!
    Ight son!! Even doe this nigga is high a shit i will trust him on this shit and hopefully i pass my test.
    nooooooo !!! u urinate as much after you do this to let the thc chemical come out of your system in your urine.So I pass it, but my per looked like water and they were suspicious...I took 5 B12 too. Now they are testing me in a week.
    Okay I just finished chugging the certo/Gatorade (didn't taste THAT bad, I didn't stop chugging tho), refilled it with water and now I am chugging water and B12 for an hour...ill keep u posted.
    I have to take a drug test tonight for my parents, I smoked blue dream (very potent) 2 weeks ago...I just mixed the certo in my Gatorade and I am about to drink it after I get done writing this. I will report back with my results. Wish me luck!
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    bru all yall hatin niggas need to stfu hes tryin to help yall niggas he aint have to do this shit. hating ass niggas!
    nurture vs nature. He is white, but since we all have the same brain he probly grew up and his friends were all black. So what, this is all good and helps people.3:35 Little bit at a time, best way to do it is chug chug chug till ya can't chug it any mo, mother fuck'en chug it some mo man. Absolutely brilliant.
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    You guys are ALL haters smh. Doesnt matter what his skin looks like, he can talk however. I hate people like you guys. They do the same to me because im black and talk "white". Who gives a damn anyways.

    This is B.S. A normal test is for 50 nano grams and above. But if your urine is clear it raises a red flag and they can do a gastronomic test which goes all the way to the legal minimum of 15 nano grams. I was clean at 50 nano grams but tested positive at 33 nano grams when they did the gastronomic test.

    if you pee clear they will not think nothing of it. it could just mean u have been drinking water rather than soda etc.. if your pee is not clear it actually means ur not drinking enough water.
    do not drink that cirto by just mixing it with water its fucking nastyyyyyy. i did this years ago when i had to pass a drug test. i never got to see if it really worked i never got tested. but anyways do what he did mix it with Gatorade or something.
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    Not sure what u mean. Certo and sue-gell are a jello subtance basiclly to make jelly..jello what ever... thats the magic of it...u cant pee jello or everything it bonds with comes out ur but...leaving ur urine clean...but yes u peob want a color to ur pee thats were some vitamim b-complex comes into play...Its a old trick. I heard it works but hes wrong of how it works. Has nothing to do with coating ur liver or stomach. Basiclly its sticks to ur fat cells and eventually u shit it out. Can't pee im going to try it tomorrow but not that certo shit..ill be using sure-jell..its made by kraft fiids at most grocery stores.
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    You don't even got to do all this shyt. I've passed a drug test smoking weed the day before. All you do is drink a gallon of water before your test. It sucks but you'll be pissing tap water lol...
    it will come out as inconclusive... so... most businesses and the government recquire a blood lipid test, and if you smoked two puffs in one year/ got high once you will fail the test.all my bro does is chug minimum of 2 big kups of water. he was on probation for 2 years. he recently got a job that also drug tested. and he passed because hes working their as im typing this. and i was smoking weed with him the night after so that shit definitely works! !!!
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    This is one of those guys that might sound like they know what they're doing, but are so hopelessly clueless it's unreal.
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    Yes, but you better hope that it's not sent to a lab. This is a masking method not a detox method and certainly not guaranteed.You need like a same day cleanser. I know you probably already took your test but if you might have to take another one because you possibly had a diluted sample use what my friends use they're same day cleansers they get them at howtocleanyoururinefordrugtest-[dot]com.
    So if I already drank it today does that mean I don't have to drink it again tomorrow on the day of the test?

    hes wrong abt what it does. it opens blood vessels in your fat and helps get all the thc in ur system into the blood system then u piss it out. but, you want to take it a few times b4 the test! i take it for atleast a week, every day atleast 2wice a day. take 500 mg's (1 pill) each time (twice a day).
    B12 overdose can lead to lukemia, cancer, headaches and stroke. It also may cause numbness or tingling of the extremities. Take no more than 2880mcg (or 48,000% of daily recommended intake) within a 6 hour period. If you feel any numbness or tingling STOP IMMEDIATELY and drink water. To stay well hydrated, the Gatorade thing isn't a bad idea. But definitely avoid over-drinking water as-well. You CAN DIE from drinking too much water without enough electrolytes. This BARELY works, quit smoking.
    Piss, because you don't need that shit staying in and thus the piss behind it staying in, it would pick up THC metabolites that are proof you fucked up too close to the date. Good luck and don't take this as an insult, I'm here too obviously, we fucked up.

    Good info, and thank you for sharing! Got myself a drug test in 6 days and I've been a daily smoker for about 2.5 years. I hope this works!

    dude i stoped 3 days ago n tried this shit and failed my at home test.whet to PO and they told me I had to come back. had to made another app...mane I lucked out but gave a few more days to work something out.

    ur voice sounds black a'f but i tried this before when my dad wanted to test me and it actually worked. i came bak to look at it again today cuz i thought of it. another way to pass a test, put some bleach in ur piss. like pour bleach into the cup with ur piss, it cleanses it.
  22. BREAKING THE BODY - DRUG TEST GUIDE - High Times ( A daily detox drink will lessen the amount of THC stored in your body and thus cut the time needed to cleanse. A quick flush will greatly increase the chances of
  23. Does Niacin really clean your system of THC? - ( Feb 26, 2008 Niacin does not clean out your system...what stays in your system is dependent on your percentage of body fat. I used to get high with guys
  24. How to clean my system of weed - Godlike Productions ( 629/pg1) i need to clean out my system and fast i need it to be clean in less then a week any idea i weigh about 185 pounds and i smoke weed every
  25. December 20, 2013. Natural Methods To Detox THC And Home Remedies To Get Rid Of ( c-and-home-remedies-to-get-rid-of-thc) 10 Sep 2013 In addition, THC is stored in the fat cells of the body because of THC being anywhere from weeks to months for the entire cleansing process.
  26. December 21, 2013. Detox Drinks To Cleanse Your Body - THC Detox ( ody/) This particular beverage helps your body to be healthy, cleansed, and renewed, as it helps you to lose those unwanted toxins inside. To prepare the THC detox
  27. December 22, 2013. How to get weed out of your system Fast. - hayesn - HubPages ( f-your-system-Fast) 5 Aug 2012 Here is the best way i have found to remove THC from your body It took 9 weeks for my system to get clean enough to pass a urine test.
  28. December 23, 2013. Marijuana THC Drug Test Calculator Form - Navigation ( ana_thc_drug_test_calculator_form.html) 5 Oct 2013 The only Marijuana THC Drug Test Calculator (patent pending) that is This estimates how long Marijuana THC metabolites can be detected in a user's body or I have a drug test in 6 days and Ive been clean for 24 days.
  29. December 24, 2013. The 72 hour THC detox - Roll It Up ( thc-detox.html) Delta- 9- THC is all that is in Marinol.. marijuana has many I need to cleanse my body of the Canabonoids that I am not allowed to have in me
  30. December 25, 2013. How to clean thc from your body? - Yahoo Answers ( 80215094059AAdQLLh) Drink a lot of water and pee a lot. That's pretty much all you can do. Or you can buy a detox drink at GNC for like $40. Drinking water will dilute the
  31. December 26, 2013. How to get THC out your system in a weeks time? - Yahoo Answers ( 30117195150AAlZbjo) So what a good way to clean out my system in a week... of the urine to make sure it is close to core body temperature (higher than 98.6).
  32. December 27, 2013. Guaranteed Elimination: How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your ( -does-9661393.html) 28 Sep 2011 There are many methods to help eliminate THC from your system but will make you urinate but that is not how you clean THC from your body.
  33. December 28, 2013. What is the best way to clean thc out of my system for a drug test ( 141206AAhlaCb) ~everyone has a level of thc that is in their body. and i pass every time..and i can get myself clean in about 60 hours.. but most people cant do
  34. December 29, 2013. Cleanse Toxins Naturally - ( nse-toxins-naturally.html) Researching on cleansing toxins and multiple drug testing THC exits the body through the Urine and Feces so it just doesnt flow out.
  35. December 30, 2013. How Do I Cleanse My Body of THC? - ( y-of-thc) For the most part you can cleanse your body of THC by simply drinking a lot of water and flushing your body out. There are some claims that golden seal an
  36. December 31, 2013. No Fooling - Cannabis News ( Your body fat becomes loaded with THC, and a urine test can be positive for up thus corrupt the test, or they take chemicals to "cleanse and flush" their body.
  37. January 1, 2014. Tips 4 Getting THC out Fast!!! drug tests - Apprentice Tokers ( -tips-4-getting-thc-out-fast-drug-tests.html) Well I've been trying to figure out good ways to help clean out your to be flooded with the very thing you've been rushing out of your body.
  38. May 6, 2014. How long does Marijuana stay in your system? - ( a-stay-in-system-53067.html) 30 Jul 2009 Also important to note that marijuana residue is stored in the fat cells... weight for your body to cleanse itself of the medication as THC ( the...
  39. May 7, 2014. How to Remove THC from Urine | New Health Guide ( m-Urine.html) THC is usually stored in fat cells of the body and is fat soluble... then you may find it necessary to clean your system and make it ready for the upcoming test.
  40. May 8, 2014. How to truly pass a drug test... : trees - Reddit ( _truly_pass_a_drug_test/) 9 Apr 2011 You can buy THC test strips that have the exact same 50 ng/L OSHA... help you understand how long it takes you to get clean given your body...
  41. May 9, 2014. Washington State University ADCAPS - Detoxifying ( It happens the first few days or weeks after getting clean and/or sober... This means that some parts of the body still retain THC even after a couple of months...
  42. May 10, 2014. How to clean your body of marijuana - Doctor expertise on HealthTap ( body-of-marijuana) Helpful, trusted answers from Doctors: Dr. Wasser on how to clean your body of marijuana: Your acne meds can have brain and mood side effects as can pot.
  43. May 11, 2014. How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System - Recovery - LoveToKnow ( arijuana_Out_of_Your_System) Includes: methods, and flush marijuana for good... days, depending on the amount of usage. Your body will cleanse itself naturally once you stop smoking pot.
  44. May 12, 2014. The 72 hour THC detox | Rollitup ( 598/) 24 Feb 2009 Either way, I haven't smoked in 3 days and the last dose of Marinol was a few hours ago. I need to cleanse my body of the Canabonoids that I...
  45. May 13, 2014. Clean Body of Marijuana ( uana.html) Email. The human body has the amazing ability to clean itself from most substances. Residues of Marijuana will leave the body after a while by itself.
  46. May 14, 2014. I want to cleanse my system... FAST | Marijuana Forums ( eanse-my-system-fast.215913/) 14 Nov 2007 I'm not interested in masking the thc in my urine I WANT TO BE... good techniques to detoxify your body in about two weeks. i would also like to...
  47. May 15, 2014. How to clean marijuana out of your system? - Yahoo Answers ( 080707211521AAJaiUQ) THC is fat soluble, it gets stored in your fat cells. So even if you DO flush your system completely clean, your body will continue to metabolize...
  48. May 16, 2014. How to Clean Your System of Marijuana? - ( your-system-naturally) Marijuana can stick in your body for up to 90 days if you are smoking a lot of it daily. There is no true way to get it out of your system other than to just let it...
  49. May 17, 2014. Best things to 'cleanse' cannabis out of system? | Marijuana Forums ( to-cleanse-cannabis-out-of-system.238228/) 29 Mar 2009 What I do to 'cleanse' it out faster is sit in the sauna, drink lots of water, drink... depending on the level of THC metabolites built up in your body.
  50. May 18, 2014. How to Clear Your System | MARIJUANA - ( 17 Apr 2014 Cleaning it out of your body is not difficult, it just takes time... on the internet claim to clean out your system, yet they do nothing to remove THC...
  51. May 19, 2014. How to Clean Your System of Weed | ( Of-Weed.html) Learn about all tricks to flush weed out of your body... You can purchase a detox kit intended to clean marijuana related toxins from your blood, urine as well as...
  52. September 10, 2014. Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing - Thc Detox Kits ( prehensive-cleansing-program-p2706.html%3Fargs%3D%2 6WAS_REWRITED%3D1) Herbal Clean's Premium Detox is designed for those who desire total body purity. Natural ingredients and vitamins provide a real boost and speed up the...
  53. September 11, 2014. What Are the Best Detox Drinks for THC? - How To Clean Your ( what-are-the-best-detox-drinks-for-thc) Jun 21, 2013 So, finding the most effective way to clear your body of these metabolites... metabolism which is very important for detoxifying the body of THC.
  54. September 12, 2014. How to Pass a Drug Test - Fast and Simple Permanent Body ( Permanent Body Detoxification and Full Body Cleansing Solutions... Permanent Total Body Drug Detox Removal System known for years as the THC Maxout...
  55. September 13, 2014. How to detox from THC for a Urine Test? - Drugs Forum ( t%3D91523) If not, then what would be the best way to get the THC out of body in 1 week... Have a friend who's clean(never used drugs or in abstinence for...
  56. September 14, 2014. How can i get thc out my system fast? - Page 4 - 420 Magazine ( 52663-how-can-i-get-thc-out-my-system-fast-4.html) THC metabolites are stored and attached to body fat... Another part of this is that in order to make sure you're clean is to order a labtest...
  57. September 15, 2014. How can you quickly cleanse your body of THC - ( e_your_body_of_THC) There is no miracle remedy that will clean marijuana from your system overnight. The only way to cleanse your system is to stop smoking until your body flushes...

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